Reflection After Job Shadowing

1. During my job shadowing presentation i learned that i do not want to be a nurse. I learned that i could be a CRNA which is a nurse anesthestilogist it still is alot of extra schooling and the salary is decent. I want to be an anesthesiologist which is a doctor who provides anestheia to patients. I want this career because the salary is good and i am interrested in the medicine. To attain this job i will stay focus and do what i need to do.

2. On my presentation i did well, i am very proud of myself for finshing the project on time because many people did not. I am proud that i finshed on time and took my time doing the presentation and getting it done. One thing i could’ve done better is added more colors. And it would’ve been better if i did not look at the board so long.

3. On my next presentation i think it will be unique to use soundcast during half of my presentation and talk for the other half. Most of the presentations use alot of colors i think mine would’ve been better if i used colors in my powerpoint.

4. Although i did good in my presentation it would’ve been better if i took more time and added more pictures. Something I could’ve done different is uses note cards to read off the things in my PowerPoint.


– I wish that I would’ve took more time on my project and taken notes while I was job shadowing so that I could have put them in my PowerPoint.

– If I could present my presentation again I would take more time while doing it and I would also practice the slide so that I wouldn’t have to look at  the board so much.

– The easiest part of the presentation was going up in front of the class and presenting my project.

-The hardest part of the presentation process was answering question from my class mates honestly and quickly.

– Now that I have reflected on my presentation I will know what to do on my next presentation project I will stay focus and make it my best.


Mock Interview Reflection

1. During the mock interview I felt good explaining and answering questions with my classmate. No I don’t think seeing an interview from an employer’s perspective will prepare me because you never know what to expect. All employer’s are different and have different standards.

2. During the mock interview I felt confident, because I knew actually what to say the question were not hard to answer.

3. The responses I gave were okay I could’ve explained better. I think my responses were good enough, it would’ve been better if I would have not said “umm” a lot. The personal questions were the easiest because I knew what to say. The difficult questions were the one’s that asked me what I thought other may think of me. Which is hard to explain because you never really know what someone thinks of you.

4. To a person getting ready to go into an interview I would tell them to be honest and clear with there answers. I could improve for my interview by being clearer.

5.For an interview you should dress to impress. I learned that you should be honest while answering questions. During the interview you should be respectful and courteous.

6. The activity gave you a feel of what might happen at an interview. I think the students should have places they picked to work at and that should be the employer that does the mick interview. This is a skill you need in real life because almost everyone will have at least one job in there life time, communication skills are needed.


Current News !!


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Three people were sent to hospitals Thursday evening with injuries that were not life threating after a crash on northbound interstate 55 near Bolingbrook. The crash involved multiple motorcycles took place Thursday evening on interstate 55 over route 53, Illinois state police said. The accident was cleared away by 6;27p.m. Thursday evening, police said, and the cause of the crash remained under investigation. Alcohol and drugs did not appear to be a factor, police said. One person was sent to Good Samaritan hospital, while two others were sent to Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.


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Games !!

The only game I play is fruit ninja. I used to play other games on my phone such as temple run, sonic and other games cooking games. Now the only game that I play is fruit ninja, it is the best game in the world to me . Fruit Ninja is a video game developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane, Australia. It was first released in April 21, 2010 for iPod touch and iPhone devices. It released July 12, 2010 for iPad and on September 17, 2010 for android devices . In 2011 Fruit Ninja Kinect was released for the xbox 360. They also have the game at Dave and Busters I was so surprised when I seen it and had to play it. In the game the player must slice fruit that is thrown into the air by swiping the devices screen with their finger(s). For the xbox 360 version the players arms and hands are used. It features multiple gameplay modes leaderboards, and multiplayer games. Everytime I play the Fruit Ninja I try to beat my old high score, I’ve learned tricks such as slicing the fruit when it reaches the top of the screen; that is either when the fruit is moving the slowest or completely still. You should focus on combos it will get you more points. When its time to slice the pomegranate aim for it as soon as it appears, getting enough hits will be the difference of starting all over or earning a life back that you lost while playing the game.fn-logo


Pictures That Describe Me

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 I see myself as very bold I do what it takes to get things done. I am also seen as creative, and very ambitious. I am independent I will do things for myself before asking anyone to do them for me, I also love shopping.

First Impression On Twelfth Night

First impressions really do mean a lot for some people, its what they really remember about you . My first impression on Viola is that she is really smart, clever, driven, talented, helpful, brave, and many more things. I say that she is brave because she dressed as a male figure after her shipwreck so that she could work. Women were not supposed to be working at that time which is why she can be seen as brave. She can be seen as talented because she acted as if she was a boy until the end when her brother showed up. She is smart when Olivia said that she didn’t want a ring from Duke Orsino, Viola knew that that was a message from Olivia to come back. Simply because there was no ring from the Duke that Viola was supposed to give to Lady Olivia. She can be seen as clever because she made Lady Olivia believe that she was a male and lady Olivia feel in love with her.

Reflection On 60 Sec Shakespeare Drama

In my English 2 class had to read the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. After the play was read we were put into groups of 5-6 either picked by ourselves or randomly picked. Working in the group we had to come up with the whole act and scene for a part of the play, we were recorded and it had to be 60 seconds or more. In my group one of the people did not show up on the day we had to present causing another group member to have to take over his role. Also we were not all paying attention, we did not act when we were supposed to. For example there was a part when Malviolo came into the kitchen yelling for everyone to quite down, everyone was supposed to be laughing or talking before he came in  and nobody was making that part of the act look really weird. On our project we received an F which I think is because we did not put in a lot of time and afford. I truly believe we could’ve done better. When I watched the video of my group acting out the play I was not pleased. I know that we could’ve do much better.

How to comment on edublog

When commenting you should think positively, there should be no rude comments. You should provide comments that will help the person improve there writing. It’s okay to add simple comment too. Comment on others and they will comment on yours.

Getting Ready For High school

Dear all incoming high school students I want to give you a few worlds of advice. First, off high school is not all fun and games, it isn’t like the movies. There is hardly no time for games and errors. In high school try hard in all of your classes, it really helps you in the long run. You should participate in at least one sport or club, you should be a real active student. In high school you will make a lot of new friends and you will also lose many it is all a part of growing up honestly. It is important to stay focus during your high school years will be over before you know it, the years really do fly by. Don’t fall in with the wrong crowd and always stay positive. Avoid your deans office nothing good ever happens there. All and all high school is really not that bad every thing is basically given to you, you just need to apply the things you learn to your work and I promise you’ll be getting A’s. Stay focus !!

Job Shadowing

At my school it is required to shadow someone of your career interest. When I grow up I want to be an anesthesiologist. Which is a doctor who gives medicine when going into surgery ect. But I did not shadow one I went with a nurse instead and I learned that you can be a nurse anesthesiologist or a doctor anesthesiologist. The nurse anesthesiologist takes less schooling but the doctor anesthesiologist has a better salary. The nurse I was with was named Dave. The experience was okay, it was better than being in class. I think the hardest thing about being a nurse is remembering what patients need to be seen and at what time things need to be done. Also as a nurse you have to listen to what the doctor tell you to do. Nursing also takes a lot of planning and you have to have a lot of patients.

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